Yinka Shonibare MBE (RA)
The British Library
The British Library

YINKA SHONIBARE MBE Prejudice at Home: a Parlour, a Library, and a Room

James Cohan Chelsea 533 West 26th St.  

Friday 17th February - Saturday 18th March, 2017

Opening reception Friday, 17th February, 6-8pm

James Cohan is pleased to present an exhibition by British-Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare MBE, the artist’s sixth at the gallery. Prejudice at Home: A Parlour, a Library, and a Room will feature three major installations, which together demonstrate Shonibare’s multivalent approach to the theme of “Otherness.” The works span three decades of thought-provoking, wide-ranging considerations of individual and collective identity through the lens of history. Today, these artworks wield an ever greater urgency as a reminder of how prejudices, if allowed free range, can cripple a society.

 On view are the freestanding installation The Victorian Philanthropist's Parlour, 1996-97, the photo suite Dorian Gray, 2001, and the US premiere of Shonibare’s more recent large scale work The British Library, which has been a sensation since its first presentation at the Brighton Festival in 2014.


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